Sanitizing Standards

Sanitizing Standards

What is your facility plan to keep a safe workspace during the predicted second wave of the Covid 19 viral outbreak?

It's that time, we must all prepare for the second wave of the Covid 19 viral outbreak. Projected to be even more dangerous and destructive than the initial round, there really is no excuse to not have a safety plan for your business and your building. Do you not have a plan for a fire escape? Do you not have a plan for workplace violence?  We all need to know our plans of attack before a situation becomes a crisis.

Personal protective equipment and masks all help to lessen the curve and lessen your chances of contracting the virus, however, as we all know, in real-life situations occur that are unplanned. Say you're at work and a coworker who is sick uses the restroom, takes her mask off, coughs, and then opens the door to leaves. The next person to touch the doorknob will never know what happened before they came to the restroom and no matter many times they wash their hands or how many masks they wear in public, the risk is still there. In fact, the risk of contamination at work is incredibly high because most people feel more relaxed

around people, they know and probably practice less safe distancing.


The CDC recommends that if you do have a positive case of COVID-19 in your workspace the first thing you should do is evacuate the contaminated area for 24 hours. After you have it evacuated the area for the proper amount of time, you can then invite a cleaning crew who is properly equipped with a hospital-grade disinfectant spray,  like Aspen’s crew,  to sanitize the area completely on every surface both hard and soft. After seven days you are allowed to invite your employees back to the area. I know this sounds like an impossible plan, we can't be without our workspace for seven days, can we? Unfortunately, we do not have a choice this is the new normal by the rules to end the destruction of the pandemic before it gets even worse. This is the time to come together and be over sure we have done everything in our power to slow the spread of coronavirus.


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