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What is the ESS machine & How do I use it?


What is the ESS machine &

How do I use it?


You may have heard it called “spraying” or perhaps even “fogging,” but the correct term ESS machine stands for ElectroStatic Sprayer machine, and it is 2020’s shining star for good cleaning standards. We have had clients from a variety of businesses calling us left and right to schedule spraying services for Offices, Churches, Casinos, Restaurants, Event Spaces, Funeral Homes, etc. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that most of our accounts do not know exactly how this machine works to sanitize their facility. It is a really impressive piece of equipment and I will do my best to describe the inner workings of the ESS machine.


Let us define Electrostatic as that “relating to stationary electric charges or fields as opposed to electric currents.” Confused? Don’t worry, I was too. In a nutshell, there are particles in the air that are constantly in motion and they are made of microscopic things called “atoms” which are made up of even smaller subatomic particles called “electrons (negatively charged electricity) - protons (positively charged electricity) - and neutrons (neutrally charged electricity).” When you have an electrostatic field or force occurring that simply means that the air is filled with a drastically higher (or lower) ratio of electrons than protons or neutrons. Believe it or not you have experienced this force before! Ever pulled clothes out of the dryer and they stick together? Ever rubbed a ballon to your hair and it makes your hair frizzy? Ever touched a metal door knob and feel a small shock? How about when you get a package with foam packing peanuts and they all seem to stick together? These are all examples of electrostatic force. Now that we have a grip on what an electrostatic force is, I will explain how the use of this force can help sanitize your facility from pathogens including, but not limited to, the novel Coronavirus.


“Electrostatic spray surface cleaning is the process of spraying an electrostatic charged mist onto surfaces and objects. Electrostatic spray uses a specialized solution that is combined with air and atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer. Subsequently, the spray contains positively charged particles that are able to aggressively adhere to surfaces and objects. Because the particles in the spray are positively charged, they cling to and coat any surface they’re aimed at.”

- Commercial Clean Corp.


When sprayed properly, the disinfectant chemical delivered in an electrostatic force is wrapped perfectly around surfaces and clings to any germ, pathogen, or dust particle like cling wrap to a plate. Toxins are immediately suffocated with the disinfectant and “killed,” in about 15 mins the area can be wiped entirely leaving behind a sterile surface. I mention that the ESS machine needs to be sprayed properly because there are a few things to make sure NOT to do:


  • When spraying the disinfectant chemical you want to make sure you are not too close to any surfaces, it needs to be more like a light mist or dusting of vapors over the surface instead of a straight spray.

  • You also want to make sure you are not getting too much product on any surface that is electronic, for the mist is moisture and and we all know electronics and moisture do not mix.

  • You need to be diligent in wearing the correct protective breathing mask when spraying the disinfectant chemical because it is actually harmful if consumed before it dries completely.


When done correctly, the ESS spraying service is honestly a brilliant and quick way of ensuring true sanitizing for your facility, combing physics and cleaning! In my professional opinion it is worth it to make a few calls around to your local vendors to see if they offer any kind of Covid19 spraying service for extra protection throughout this pandemic. You really can never be too safe when dealing with your office and employees. If you ever need a professional opinion you can trust then give us a call at Aspen, we provide uniquely excellent services in over 17 states and we are always here to serve you!





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Still a lot to be Thankful for...




Still a lot to be Thankful for...

What a long and strange ride its been this year and I am not sure I can speak for everyone else but, I CANNOT BELIVE IT IS ALREADY THE HOLIDAY SEASON!! Where did the time go?

Okay, okay so we are here and yes, it is November now and for the most part we have all accepted the new normal caused by the pandemic which is very much still happening…so what do we do now? Isolate and not see friends or family? Throw food at each other from 6 feet away? Risk it all for a warm embrace? I know that is a lot to think about for most of us after months on end of lockdowns, curfews and overall heightened anxieties. If you are trying to make that decision this year here are a few things to keep in mind.

If you should find yourself among those who have the good fortune and constitution to travel or have guests over this year, then here are some tips from the CDC to stay as safe as possible. You deserve to have a fun and relaxing holiday. Just please remember we need to do what we can to safely return to the office as cautiously and respectfully as possible afterwards. 

By this point, all of us should have the 6-feet of social distancing, hand washing, and face mask wearing memo, I will glide on to the other helpful points of precautionary plans to have a safer Thanksgiving gathering. First and foremost, communicate with all guests who made the limited invite list and clearly lay out the expectations set for this year’s event. It may seem a bit harsh to call and give guests a set of rules and expectations before warmly welcoming them to your home, but remember these are unprecedented times and you must understand these “rules” are only in place because you care deeply about every guest and their continued health. For example: 

  • it should be addressed if there is a strict guest list and to please not bring any surprise guest
  • mention that there will be “off-limits” areas of the house like the kitchen where food and drinks will be prepped
  • Send a friendly reminder text to “please bring a mask” for socializing between meals 



How about those who can’t make it this year? 

I didn’t forget about you guys, and I absolutely respect and honestly admire your difficult decision to just stay home. You may be alone this year in body but certainly not in spirit! In fact, more than ever this year will hallmark a new tradition of the virtual holiday experience. With  "Virtual Thanksgiving” quickly becoming the theme of 2020, many have already suggested some creative options to feel a bit more connected despite the distance. 

  • Virtually attend anywhere around the world by creating a free ZOOM account and inviting your friends and family! All you need is an internet connection and a free account which you can make at and viola! 
  • Drive-by caravan a relative or friend’s house who may not be able to leave the house. You may not be able to go inside or have face-to-face interaction but it is the next best thing to show up and show that you support them and their situation. Maybe you can even bring a sealed food plate to leave for them at their door! A little goes a long way this year, trust me. 
  • Plan a watch party for a tv show, movie or sports game that you can arrange to all start at the same time as your remote friends. You can all group text or chat over Facebook messenger or Google's Gmail Hangout for free while you simultaneously watch. For a brief moment in time, you may just feel like you are hanging with friends again like normal.

Whatever you choose to do this holiday season please just remember that there is still a lot to be thankful for.  I know I for one am thankful to live in a world with modern medicine and high speed internet. We can communicate news and the progression of a vaccine information immediately as it happens worldwide. I am thankful to have a table to eat on and roof over my head. I am thankful for every minute I am of free volition and strength and not afraid and alone in a hospital gasping for air like many less fortunate others are this year…to you all, my heart goes out. I am profoundly thankful this year to all the first responders, nurses and doctors in crowded hospitals who will be working on Thanksgiving. You do not even have the luxury to chose to stay home or see friends. Thank you. 

I hope you all have something you can look at this year and show thanks for despite all the negativity and loss. Loving your friends and family may just mean respectfully staying away this year. However, if you are one of the lucky few who do manage to travel, then please do what you can to be as safe as possible so that we all have a smooth return to work afterwards. All that to say, I truly wish you and yours a HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!  





Looking around my office I have to admit the parts that always perk me up (besides the coffee machine) are all the green accents of foliage. I like to call indoor plants, living artwork, and when you look at some of these options you will understand why!

No matter what you office space consists of, there is always a plant that can work with what you got! Some plants can even live in a dark bathroom and only get watered once every month!  Any office can get on board with that!

Now if you want to add some elegant pops of color with minimal maintenance you can always go the route of Orchids. These beautiful flowers last for months and take literally only 2 ice cubes every 2 weeks for watering! It is the perfect plant for people who can’t keep plants alive.


Looking at the chart you can see that some plants need very little water or sunlight, meaning there is a plant for every office!

Sanitizing Standards

Sanitizing Standards

What is your facility plan to keep a safe workspace during the predicted second wave of the Covid 19 viral outbreak?

It's that time, we must all prepare for the second wave of the Covid 19 viral outbreak. Projected to be even more dangerous and destructive than the initial round, there really is no excuse to not have a safety plan for your business and your building. Do you not have a plan for a fire escape? Do you not have a plan for workplace violence?  We all need to know our plans of attack before a situation becomes a crisis.

Personal protective equipment and masks all help to lessen the curve and lessen your chances of contracting the virus, however, as we all know, in real-life situations occur that are unplanned. Say you're at work and a coworker who is sick uses the restroom, takes her mask off, coughs, and then opens the door to leaves. The next person to touch the doorknob will never know what happened before they came to the restroom and no matter many times they wash their hands or how many masks they wear in public, the risk is still there. In fact, the risk of contamination at work is incredibly high because most people feel more relaxed

around people, they know and probably practice less safe distancing.


The CDC recommends that if you do have a positive case of COVID-19 in your workspace the first thing you should do is evacuate the contaminated area for 24 hours. After you have it evacuated the area for the proper amount of time, you can then invite a cleaning crew who is properly equipped with a hospital-grade disinfectant spray,  like Aspen’s crew,  to sanitize the area completely on every surface both hard and soft. After seven days you are allowed to invite your employees back to the area. I know this sounds like an impossible plan, we can't be without our workspace for seven days, can we? Unfortunately, we do not have a choice this is the new normal by the rules to end the destruction of the pandemic before it gets even worse. This is the time to come together and be over sure we have done everything in our power to slow the spread of coronavirus.





Well, it's that time, whether we are ready or not, it is time to head back to the office and pick back up our lives to resemble some sibilance of normal. Returning to the office after this devastating pandemic can lead many to feel a slew of emotional anxieties and physical discomfort; all of which are completely reasonable. The ‘what ifs’ starts to add up in the minds of the worried and can have negative effects in a workplace even if there is no immediate threat of contracting the infamous Covid-19 virus itself. These are unprecedented times we are living in and it is important to remember we are all experiencing this together and we are all doing what we can to get by. With that said, it is critical to know your options both as an employee and an employer when returning back to the office. 

The CDC has listed helpful cleaning options and disinfecting guidelines on their website for all the different sectors of industries that can be followed when returning back to work and opening doors back to the public: Cleaning And Disinfecting Your Facility.  In the chance that a coworker becomes infected, there are vital steps that must be taken; immediately close off all areas that the infected person could have contaminated, Open outside doors and windows to increase ventilation, wait 24 hours before inviting a cleaning crew into vacuum and disinfect all surfaces, and then wait an additional 7 days before allowing others to return to the compromised area.  These guidelines are helpful when treating a potential positive case of Covid-19 situation,, but at the end of the day it really comes down to an individual responsibility we each must take to know when to stay home. Truly, it is always better safe than sorry.

Aspen Services Group does offer an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant spray service. If you or any business that you know of could benefit from a disinfectant spray, then please just reach out to us! We provide free estimates and full transparency. Regardless of your business having a reported Covid-19 case or not, I can guarantee that your employees and guests will feel 100% more confident in returning to your facility.


“at the end of the day, it really comes down to an individual responsibility we each must take to know when to stay home…”


Further information: 

The CDC website also has employer edification on how to notice changes in employees’ emotions as they return to work.